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Poodles and Pals North West | Local Dog Walkers In Stockport

I offer various dog walking services in Stockport. Please see a price list below: 

With affect from the 1st of May 2022, cancellation charges will apply to any walk or visit cancelled without 36 hours’ notice.
The charge will be half of the cost of the walk or visit cancelled.
Discretion will be applied in cases of emergencies.


Singular Dog Walk

Dalmatian Dog

£15 per dog (1 hour)

£9 per dog (30 mins)

+ only £3 for your 2nd dog, this service is particularly handy for anyone who may have a nervous dog or would prefer their dog or dog(s) walked individually.

Day Visits

Image by Ralu Gal

£7 per half hour

This services includes house visits for half an hour or more. For this service I feed your dog if needed, let them out to go to the toilet and spend time with them.

Group Dog Walk

Dog Walker

£12 per dog (1 hour)

+ only £3 for your 2nd dog, this service is for any dogs that are comfortable walking with others.

Dogs will be walked in groups of 4.

Pet Taxi

Image by Tim Mossholder

£6 each way

Perfect for when you need to drop your dog at the groomers, the vets or a relatives but can't make the journey yourself!

Puppies And Older Dogs

Black Dog

£12 per dog (1 hour)

For puppies and older dogs I offer a half hour walk followed by half an hour playing & spending time with your dog at home.

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