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Hi, I'm Hannah


Some things I thought you might like to know about me:

When I was younger I used to be scared of dogs, but at aged 10 we got Boo, a labradoodle! She is one of the gentlest dogs you will meet and she quickly helped me get over my fear. Shortly after we got our next puppy called Billie. She is a standard poodle, she is playful and always loves a cuddle! Although she is anxious at first, once she gets to know you all she will want to do is lick and cuddle you.

In July 2021, Ozzy, a 2-year-old Patterdale terrier cross joined our family. He was going to be sent to Battersea dog home to be re-homed as he had some anxiety issues. I was able to take Ozzy in and give him the training he needs.

Unfortunately, recently Ozzy was diagnosed with a genetic eye disorder which means he will eventually go blind. I have started training him to help him to live a happy and full life which I am sure he will do. We spend weekends on different walks and I love to take Ozzy around to see friends and family.

A dog makes a house a home...

When I was 17 I had a big trauma in my life and when I felt low or needed comfort my dogs would always be there to help. I have always wanted to look after dogs so when someone mentioned dog walking to me it was perfect. With how much they help me it was only fitting that I name the business after my own dogs, hence Poodles and Pals!

I understand how much a dog can mean to a family so it is my greatest priority that your dog will be well looked after!

If you’re looking for a local dog walker in Stockport you can get in touch on 07958179772

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